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SilverFast 8 Video Tutorial by Taz Tally

April 5th, 2012 · 3 Comments · HowTo, News, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials, Video

Taz Tally, author of the official SilverFast 6 book, has created a comprehensive video tutorial for the new scanner software SilverFast 8.

The video tutorial with a total running time of over 5 hours is divided into many chapters that highlight different aspects of SilverFast 8 in detail. For a first look, some videos are available free of charge:

Scanning color photos

You can find the entire course and more
at the Online Training Library®.


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  • Kent Stuetz


    Just finished the SilverFast 8 training on – it was amazingly revealing and helpful. I have taken all of your other scanning classes on, which convinced me to purchase SilverFast 8, and this series of videos really got me up and running fast!

    Three questions . . .

    1. I take all of my scans into Photoshop for post-scan work and I note in the histogram that when I use the Pipette tool to set highlights and shadows at 95% and 5% that some of my data gets cut off (the Pipette adjustment often moves highlight and shadow points well into the histogram data from left and right). It worries me that I might be cutting off data that can be manipulated in Photoshop.
    2. If I am taking all scanned images into Photoshop, what are the essential adjustments that should be made in SilverFast 8 that will NOT impact my ability to achieve optimum post-scan manipulation. I am worried that some SilverFast adjustments will limit data going into Photoshop.
    3. Is SilverFast 8 scanning HDR mode worth the effort if one does not purchase the separate SilverFast HDR processing software and simply plans to bring image into Photoshop. Are HDR scanned images really the equivalent of Camera Raw images (although they do not open as such in Camera Raw), or is this not worth the trouble without purchasing HDR processing software?

    Thanks so much!


  • LSI_Gregoire

    Hi Kent,

    thanks for your post. Nice to read, that you like SilverFast 8 and Taz’ online training.
    This blog is run by the SilverFast people, so you would reach Taz here.
    This is his website:

    Best Regards

  • alan clark

    just wanted to say thanks very much, my first few scans were making me thing i had been very silly selling my minolta, but now i feel much happier.

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