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UK Photographer Jonathan Notley relies on SilverFast

June 28th, 2018 · No Comments · analogue photography, HowTo, News, Scanner, SilverFast, Video

Jonathan introduces his SilverFast 8.8 scanning workflow exemplary with 6×7 positive film Jonathan Notley: Scanning Slides (Ft. Silverfast 8.8) SilverFast comes with a lot of tools for whatever difficulties you may stumble upon when digitizing your slides. Jonathan Notley is a skilled photographer and loves shooting analog film. His Youtube channel really is worth taking […]

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Quicktip: Why and how to IT8 calibrate the scanner (part II)

July 14th, 2010 · 6 Comments · analogue photography, Digital Photography, HowTo, Photography, Processing, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

On part I of the article, I mentioned a couple of reasons why IT8 calibration is important for the digitizing process. The manual calibration using SilverFast and third party IT8 targets was also explained. Now the easiest part Automatic IT8 calibration using LaserSoft Imaging IT8 calibration targets and its patented technology. This process is very […]

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Quicktip: Why and how to IT8 calibrate the scanner (part I)

June 23rd, 2010 · 42 Comments · analogue photography, Digital Photography, HowTo, News, Photography, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Although Color Management is a very extent topic, I will briefly mention three good reasons for an IT8 calibration: Color reproduction accuracy Scanner aging. Construction parts age and with it the way these devices “see” things. These changes are reflected in light color inaccuracies which can be corrected by generating new color profiles for the […]

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Quicktip: Using high resolution preview to your advantage.

May 21st, 2010 · 7 Comments · analogue photography, Digital Photography, HowTo, Photography, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

SilverFast (and most scanning applications) perform prescans in a low or very low resolution. The reason for this is to “save time”. While that is a good argument. The drawback of quick (slo-res) prescans is, that the image you are using for corrections and adjustments does not correspond 100% neither to the details of the […]

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new SilverFast Video on youtube

March 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · HowTo, Reviews, SilverFast, Video

After the IT-Enquirer extensively covered SilverFast recently, Erik Vlietinck has made a video to demonstrate, how uncomplicated it is, to bring color-faded negatives back to life in no time using the SilverFast Archive Suite. Watch the video on youtube or read the latest IT-Enquirer articles: – Bringing back to life colour-faded negatives in ten minutes […]

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Auto-Sharpening function USM for SilverFast HDR and DC is now aligned to the scanner

December 25th, 2009 · No Comments · HDR, News, Processing, Scanner, SilverFast

The human perception is aligned to the recognition of edges and lines. So the sharpness impression of photos can be increased by contrast rise of small brightness changes. Conventional sharpening functions often increase the detail contrast of the complete image in general and therefore strengthen also any image interference of the original, details get lost. […]

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The automatic Hot-Folder system for effective image processing

December 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · HDR, News, Processing, Scanner, SilverFast

Image processing is easier and quicker then it ever was before! With the new SilverFast Hot-Folder feature, which is available as an add-on to the SilverFast HDR Studio and DCPro Studio versions, automatic adjustments to the entire series of images is easy. The Hot-Folder principle The images to be processed are stored in different input folders, […]

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Review: Scanning with SilverFast

December 20th, 2009 · No Comments · HDR, HowTo, Photoshop, Processing, Reviews, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Photographer Mark Segal is an expert in scanning technique and has recently written a tutorial entitled: Scanning – The Old World Joins the New Mark explores calibration, scanning with the EPSON V750 Pro and techniques for an integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe’s Lightroom. The tutorial is available as a free downloadable .pdf file, which […]

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Update: HDRi & EPSON scanners

November 10th, 2009 · No Comments · analogue photography, HDR, News, Processing, Scanner, SilverFast

The 64bit HDRi RAW data format developed by LaserSoft Imaging is now available for three further EPSON scanners; newly added are: Perfection 4490, V500 and V600. Thus, the following EPSON scanners of the Perfection series are benefitting from the HDRi format: 4870 Photo 4490 Photo / Office new 4990 Photo V500 Photo / Office new […]

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Scanning Principles – Online Training Course

October 18th, 2009 · No Comments · HowTo, Photoshop, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials, Video

This very nice and useful scanning guide can be found on Editor of this course is Taz Tally, who is also the author of the official SilverFast Guide book. This online course is two things – an introduction to general scanning principles and a SilverFast tutorial. Starting with explaining the requirements and setup Tally […]

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