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SRDx Photoshop Plug-in – Now also available for Windows

September 28th, 2017 · 2 Comments · analogue photography, HowTo, Photography, Processing

When digitizing images with a scanner, dust and scratches from the analog original appear in the digitized image. Removing these defects with the Photoshop correction functionalities is difficult and time consuming.

The SRDx – Smart Removal of Defects plug-in thus is the ideal expansion for users who process their images in Photoshop. From now on you can also use the excellent dust and scratch removal tool SRDx, regarding which you have already contacted us, as a Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plug-in on Windows. It’s available in Photoshop in the professional version with defect marker.

SRDx is seamlessly integrated with your accustomed workflow while complementing Photoshop´s already existing correction stamp tool by a function that uses a highly adjustable automatic detection to remove defects efficiently and without blur effects.

More information, movies and a free trial version can be found on our SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Website.

Stefan Riedl from the 4eck Media agency has extensively tested the SRDx Photoshop plug-in. Watch his review in the movie on the right.

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  • Graham Reader

    When I looked at purchasing SRDx it seemed to insist that I told it the Scanner that I was using. As I am a mobile freelance working in a number of different offices with my laptop, this is not possible. Can I just buy SRDx as a Photoshop Plugin that will be mobile just like me an work with whichever Scanner I connect to my Laptop.

  • LSI_Gregoire

    Dear Graham Reader,

    SRDx is available
    A) as a feature included with our SilverFast scanner software and
    B) as a plug-in for Photoshop

    Following your description, I think the plug-in would be suitable for you. It is scanner independent. You can download the plug-in here:

    Best Regards

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