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SilverFast 6.5 and Leopard

October 24th, 2007 · 10 Comments · Digital Photography, News, OSX, Photography, Photoshop, Scanner, SilverFast

The current version of SilverFast 6.5.x is not fully compatible with Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5. With the official launch of Mac OSX Leopard on October 26th this week a lot of users are asking us whether SilverFast will be ready for Leopard ? The good news and simple answer is “Yes, of course!”. Right now we are working very hard on making SilverFast Leopard compatible as soon as possible. At the moment we expect to provide Leopard compatibility with SilverFast version 6.5+ as a free update shortly after Leopard has been released.

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When the development of SilverFast started in 1996 it was a mac-only application for many years. Only a lot later we just didn’t want to leave the other 97% of users out anymore and SilverFast was ported to Windows. Most of the LSI staff is addicted to Macs and therefore we feel obligated to fully support this major OSX upgrade with SilverFast as soon as possible.
Apple has provided beta versions of OSX Leopard very early through the Apple Developer Connection. This gave us a really good headstart in order to make sure SilverFast will be compatible with OSX Leopard. As you can see in this screenshot,
SilverFast is already up and running on our LSI internal testing machines. With each release SilverFast became more and more stable. But we will be waiting for the official release on October 26th to run some tests with it and then release a compatibilty update. Check our website, this blog or subscribe to our feeds because we will provide info when the SilverFast Leopard update is officially released. Feel free to ask questions or share your Leopard/SilverFast experiences in this post’s comments section.


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  • Jenny Day

    I want to continue to use Silverfast but I need to know that it will work with leopard. I already have leopard installed and today I tried your demo version. It just crashed. I can not afford to lay out money for an update that doesn’t work so you need to get a Leopard compatible version on the demo page NOW! rather than blandly promising that it will be Ok soon… after all no one is going to buy the product until they can see that it actually exists and works.

    Those of us who have leopard already installed and need scanning solutions for our businesses can not afford to wait indefinitely so if you want our money to come to you rather than going to your rivals you need to get this working pretty darned soon!

  • Brian Blake

    Not compatible yet!!! I have upgraded to Leopard, and I have downloaded and installed the newest version of Silverfast and it crashes right after launch… I am in a tight spot right now and am trying to get something done right away… I have to find something else now that will work…..

  • Jan

    I am sorry to read that you are having problems due to installing SilverFast on Leopard before we have officially claimed Leopard compatibilty, please correct me if I am wrong. I will contact you via our support system in order to help you getting back to production status.

  • Malcolm Cooke

    6.5.1r is working in leopard

  • Geraint Duggan

    What does ‘soon’ mean in Silverfast language? Soon as in the universal binary edition that was promised ‘soon’ and never actually appeared after 18 months?

  • Dr Jules Black

    I have Silverfast as part of my Epson V700 scanner package.
    Kindly let me know when I can upgrade.

  • Robert

    Great to hear you are putting the finishing touches on an upgrade for Leopard. For those “Jenny and Brian” that are doing production work…. why on earth would you install a new “.0” version of an operating system BEFORE checking to ensure ALL your critical applications will work? Strange….

  • Jan

    We have now set up a dedicated Leopard compatibility page –>
    Please check whether your scanner is officially released. Again, pls note that your scanner may already run under Leopard even though it is not listed. The scanner listed were tested positive by LSI.

  • Ed Waldrup

    Patiently waiting for Leopard compatible Silverfast Ai Studio for Nikon CoolScan 5000 Ed. Latest version does work with 10.4.11. Nobody does it better than Lasersoft. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  • David Mantripp

    I have zero issues with 6.4.4r7a running on a MacBook with OS X 10.5.2, and Minolta Scan Dual Multi Pro

    Just lucky I guess 🙂

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