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Scanography – The Art of Scanning

October 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Distraction, HowTo, News, SilverFast

Scanners are mostly used to protect documents, photos, slides and negatives against loss on the one hand and to make them reproducible and available for digital media on the other hand. Some users have discovered very different, very specific applications of SilverFast for themselves. Scanography is one those applications. Here, some artists utilize the scanner and its very special and compared to a camera very different characteristics as a medium for creating their artworks.

On our new website about scanography you will find information on the topic and some images as well as workflow descriptions by scanner artist Marsha Tudor and by Christian Staebler, who is webmaster of, which is the world’s most important website about scanography. Here, many scanography artists have come together, who are currently also looking for a suitable venue to exhibit the artworks of over 30 scanographers.

More about this: PDF

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You can find more information about scanner art on our website about scanography.

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  • Johny Alives

    I am glad to see an article on scanography on your site… there is a big debate on whether or not it can be considered photography because no camera was used. The truth is that PHOTO GRAPHY has nothing to do with a camera… it simply means LIGHT PAINTING … so no mention of camera… a scanner uses light to paint … I also want to mention that the Smithsonian Institute allows scanned art into their photography contests now….

  • Mark Woehrle

    Photography has everything to do with a camera from its inception (camera obscura) to the latest digital cameras. While images done with a scanner can be art, and the practice is scanography, it is not photography. The fact that one organization (Smithsonian) has made a mistake into their photography contest does not change the fact that scanography is digital art but not photography.

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