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Quicktip: Managing resolution controls in SilverFast (Part I):

December 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment · HowTo, News, Photography, Processing, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

SilverFast has a very complete set of controls for managing the scanning resolution (although sometimes complex to understand). When mastered and properly used, these controls can prove very effective.

The resolution control panel can be found under the “Frame” tab and is basically divided into three:

Three components of the resolution panel

Three components of the resolution panel

These are expressed in different measurement units (inch, cm, pica, pixel, dpi [dots per inch], dpcm [dots per centimeter], etc.) and you can switch between them by clicking on every button.
Bear in mind that these three methods are interrelated and affected by each other.
The part marked with number “1” presents the easiest way to set the scanning resolution.
You can simply move the slider to the right or left to increase or reduce the scanning resolution respectively or you can simply input the desired scanning resolution in the field right next to the slider.
When using the slider you will notice how it goes in steps, each of the steps represents an optical resolution step (true optical resolution of the scanner) or a fraction of the maximal physical resolution (whole multiple) controlled by SilverFast in combination with the scanner driver (with the exception of the last step to the right which is the interpolation of the max physical resolution x 2).
By using this steps you make sure you are not using any kind of interpolation (unless you use the rightmost step of the slider).
This method can be used for archiving purposes, or if you wish to scan your pictures at a true physical resolution (without interpolation).
To be continued…


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  • Rick

    This seems to be getting (I hope) at the heart of the question: how do you scan for maximum non-interpolated resolution? What settings?

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