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Polaroid SprintScan 120 now (Snow)Leopard & Vista compatible

October 10th, 2009 · 6 Comments · HowTo, News, OSX, Scanner, SilverFast

Good news for every Polaroid SprintScan 120 owner. LaserSoft Imaging’s development department has figured out how to run the scanner with SilverFast on actual Macintosh operating systems 10.5 and 10.6 and on Windows Vista.

Additionally the annoying color channel bending, which occurs especially during high resolution scanning, is eliminated and the awarded and favored SilverFast feature Multi-Exposure* is now available for the scanner as well.

Therefore it’s necessary to exchange an EPROM (a small memory chip) to update the firmware. For a technically experienced user this exchange is possible at home following our detailed instruction manual. IMPORTANT, since the device has to be screwed apart! We also offer the EPROM exchange service for you, if you send your scanner in.

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If you like to upgrade your SprintScan 120, please find more information here …

* The SprintScan 120 can apply Multi-Exposure using resolution up to 2000 dpi.

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  • Barbara White

    I have a Sprintscan 120 and am running Snow Leopard. Am interested in using your software and also your service to exchange the EPROM chip. Can’t find any details on your website about this service. Can you also clean the scanner? Please advise. Thank you.

  • Christian Gregoire

    Hi Barbara,
    we will contact you via email.

  • ohhs

    I have ss120 and want to exchange eeprom for upgrade of firmware.
    but i live in south korea,so it is hard for me shiping the scanner to usa for service, cause it takes much money and time.
    So, i want to know how and where can i buy a eeprom chip.
    I will takes any risk of self exchangement.
    So please let me know the way or tell me who know

  • LSI_Gregoire

    Dear ohhs,
    I’ll contact you via email.

  • John Notter

    I have a Sprintscan 120 and I would like to upgrade it so I can use it with Silverfast on my Windows 7 pc, so I need to get one of these eeproms that change it into a Microtek 120tf. I am confident I can change the eeprom myself but do you still have them available ? and how much will one cost ? and will I need to buy the software at the same time ? Thanks in advance, John.

  • LSI_Gregoire

    Dear Mr. Notter,
    we are sorry, but meanwhile all eeproms for the SprintScan 120 have been sold. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a single unit left.

    Best Regards.

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