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Multi-Sampling eliminates image noise reliably

July 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · analogue photography, HDR, HowTo, News, Photography, Processing, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Multi-Sampling IconIn response to many customers’ requests LaserSoft Imaging has decided to provide every SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast Ai version with the Multi-Sampling feature from today.

Image noise does occur quite often during the scanning process, especially in the darker areas of images. The CCD sensors are taking a very small amount of light here. Therefore the difference between the signal and influences such as dark current, production inaccuracies and noise of the output amplifier is very small. This leads to “strayed pixels”, which are denoted as image noise.

SilverFast Multi-Sampling is able to eliminate this image noise by taking advantage of the strayed pixels’ random occurance. Thus, they are never at the exact same spot, when scanning the same original several, subsequential times. Multi-Sampling takes up to 16 single scans of an original and therefrom calculates a final result, which is devoid of noise, but unaltered else. SilverFast Multi-Sampling does work even with those scanners, for which their manufacturers haven’t intended such a feature in the hardware at all.

Further information on Multi-Sampling you can get here …

The patent-registered Multi-Exposure®, which does not just scan the original several times, but with different exposure times, is LaserSoft Imaging’s further developement of the Multi-Sampling feature for transparent originals. This technique increases the scanner’s dynamic range considerably for achieving more details escpecially in the very light and shadow areas of the image.

Further information on Multi-Exposure you can get here …

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