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Changing Scan Creation Date

March 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment · HowTo, News, Photography, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

This post was inspired by the DDQ (Digital Darkroom Questions) newsletter from Tim Grey. I can highly recommend his newsletter because it deals with practical issues from”joe average end users” like you and me. He also publishes a blog with interesting thoughts and ideas on Digital Imaging.

The idea of his newsletter is that subscribers get to send Tim questions and he will pick one of them to be featured and answered. This particular subscriber wanted to change the creation date of his scans (lets’s anticipate he was using SilverFast) to the date he took the shot. Because any scan software will take the day the scan was made as a creation date it is most likely not the date the photo was taken originally. Which is why I decided to pass on the info.

I have scanned images, and the creation date is of course the date I did the scan. This does not reflect the date the image was taken. Is there any way (or software) that will allow me to modify this record?


To change the date a scanned image was created, you’ll actually need to change the Creation Date attribute for the file itself. Unfortunately, you’ll need special software for this, as this is intended to be a “read-only” attribute for the file. Fortunately, there are tools out there that will enable you to make such changes. One such tool I discovered recently is fileTweak from febooti. It allows you to change the date information in a file (Creation date, Modified date, and Accessed date) quite easily. It is a shareware application that sells for about $25. You can get more details here:


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