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Entries from October 27th, 2009

Quicktip: Using NegaFix on heavily scratched negatives.

October 27th, 2009 · No Comments · analogue photography, Digital Photography, HowTo, News, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Scanning heavily scratched negative stripes can be problematic because big scratches and imperfections affect the general exposure and histogram in Negative mode. Especially those dark scratches (white on the negative stripe) can influence in the correct representation of the image. The next pictures illustrate a possible effect created by a long scratch and a solution […]

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Scanning Principles – Online Training Course

October 18th, 2009 · No Comments · HowTo, Photoshop, Quicktips, Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials, Video

This very nice and useful scanning guide can be found on Editor of this course is Taz Tally, who is also the author of the official SilverFast Guide book. This online course is two things – an introduction to general scanning principles and a SilverFast tutorial. Starting with explaining the requirements and setup Tally […]

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LinoType-Hell scanners now Mac OS X 10.6 compatible

October 16th, 2009 · No Comments · HDR, News, OSX, Photography Business, Processing, Scanner, SilverFast

SilverFast support for high-end LinoType-Hell / Heidelberg scanners under Snow Leopard We do always aim to enable our customers to use their well established devices with current computers under actual operating systems. Snow Leopard & Vista Any SilverFast edition for a high-end Heidelberg scanner is available for Macintosh OS X 10.6 and Windows Vista with […]

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A DVD guide to digital printing and scanning

October 15th, 2009 · No Comments · HowTo, News, Photography Books, Printing, Reviews, Scanner, Tips and Tutorials, Video

In association with EPSON UK photo-i has just released a great tutorial / guide DVD covering all aspects of digital printing and scanning. Photographer Vincent Oliver has written and edited this easy-to-follow introduction to digital imaging. Running almost 3 hours Vincent Oliver shows how to get the best from printer and scanner. Topics featured are: […]

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Quicktip: “Deleting the cache memory in VLT for accurate previews”

October 14th, 2009 · No Comments · News

Every image viewer or editor interprets picture files slightly different, every application generates their own thumbnail preview. Such preview will be shown in SilverFast VLT as generated by the previous application (or device) and not necessarily as generated by SilverFast HDR or DC (unless you have worked in the previous session with those files). To […]

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Polaroid SprintScan 120 now (Snow)Leopard & Vista compatible

October 10th, 2009 · 6 Comments · HowTo, News, OSX, Scanner, SilverFast

Good news for every Polaroid SprintScan 120 owner. LaserSoft Imaging’s development department has figured out how to run the scanner with SilverFast on actual Macintosh operating systems 10.5 and 10.6 and on Windows Vista. Additionally the annoying color channel bending, which occurs especially during high resolution scanning, is eliminated and the awarded and favored SilverFast […]

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Quicktip: Flip images horizontally and vertically in SilverFast

October 8th, 2009 · No Comments · HowTo, Quicktips, Tips and Tutorials

Have you ever cleaned your slides and prepared them for a scan job for half an hour. Then, after making a prescan, you realize the pictures are fliped and wonder -How am I going to place them in the right direction? SilverFast hast two different options for flipping the images horizontally and vertically. 1st option […]

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The Fogra attests the high quality of LaserSoft Imaging’s IT8 targets and SilverFast’s color calibration system

October 7th, 2009 · No Comments · analogue photography, News, Processing, Reviews, Scanner, SilverFast

The Fogra (Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association) is an internationally renowned German association with the objective to promote print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research and development, and to enable the printing industry to utilize the results of this activity. Fogra has over 700 members, from which about two thirds are […]

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