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Scanning Color Negative Film – A Tutorial by Sebastian Schlüter

August 4th, 2016 · HowTo, News, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Scanning Color Negative Film with SilverFast Ai Studio 8 and Adobe Lightroom

Sebastian Schlüter is a photography artist, who’s work can be described as a personal record of his observations. He would even call it an extension or a diversified document of all his encounters. His creative tool is photography, Sebastian’s style is pure, honest and calm. While he uses both digital and film cameras Sebastian has a preference for the subtle and simple style of film photography. SilverFast is his choice to transfer his analog images to the digital world.

He has now published an article about getting started with scanning color negative film: Video Tutorial: Scanning Color Negative Film. Sebastian introduces SilverFast’s NegaFix, Global Color Correction and Gradation tools. He also covers the basic settings and the challenges that come with scanning color negative film.

Sebastian Schlüter: « Make you own scans, your own interpretations, give the scans your artistic voice. That is what makes home scanning so fascinating. »

Visit Sebastian’s Website and check out many other great Scanning Tutorials.

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SilverFast-Workshops auf dem Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel 2016

May 31st, 2016 · analogue photography, Digital Photography, HowTo, Photography Business, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials

Im Rahmen des Fotogipfels bietet der Fotograf und Produktmanager von LaserSoft Imaging Jan-Willem Rossée an zwei Terminen einen Workshop zum Thema “Einführung in das verlustfreie und zeitsparende Scannen anspruchsvoller Vorlagen” an. Melden Sie sich jetzt an, die Teilnehmerplätze sind limitiert.

Vom 09. – 14. Juni 2015 findet in Deutschlands südlichster Gemeinde Oberstdorf der 4. Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel statt. Das Angebot des Events, mit dem diesjährigen Thema “Mensch”, umfasst nahezu die komplette Bandbreite der Fotografie und richtet sich sowohl an Hobbyfotografen, die ihr Können verbessern, aber auch an Profis, die sich weiterentwickeln möchten.

Jan-Willem RosséeEinführung in das verlustfreie und zeitsparende Scannen anspruchsvoller Vorlagen. Nach einer kurzen anschaulichen Einführung in das wichtige Thema Farbmanagement wird anhand einfacher praktischer Übungen gezeigt, wie mit SilverFast und dem Epson® V850 Pro Scanner Dias oder Negative zeitsparend gescannt und gespeichert werden sollten, um diese anschließend im optimalen Farbraum verlustfrei zu archivieren oder an die Bildbearbeitungs-Software zu übergeben. Mehr Informationen zu den Workshops finden Sie hier.

  • Termine
  • Montag, den 13.06.16 / 09.00 – 18.00 Uhr
  • Dienstag, den 14.06.16 / 09.00 – 18.00 Uhr
  • Treffpunkt: 09:00 Uhr, Foyer Oberstdorf Haus
  • Kosten: 149,- €
  • Teilnehmerzahl: max.10 Teilnehmer
  • Um rechtzeitige Anmeldung wird gebeten: Anmeldung hier


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PROFIFOTO – Archiving for the Future

April 7th, 2016 · Reviews, SilverFast

SilverFast – Archiving for the Future

The quality analog originals is getting worse over time. Even under optimal storage conditions the ravages of time destroys slides, negatives and photos. Thus, there is an urgent need for action. PROFIFOTO, a German photo magazine, introduces an effective way to to save the photographic media – the SilverFast Archive Suite.

The SilverFast Archive Suite is a comprehensive solution for creating digital image archives. Scanner software, image processing software, scanner calibration and an integrated color management – all in one package. Suitable for professionals and beginners alike.

The PROFIFOTO magazine introduces the Archive Suite to the reader and explains some of SilverFast’s manifold features. The patented Multi-Exposure, which increases the Dynamic Range when scanning film media, iSRD and SRDx for removing dust and scratches and the WorkflowPilot as a step-by-step assistant. Furthermore, the concept of 64bit HDRi RAW data is illustrated – scan today, process tomorrow.

PROFIFOTO: « No compromise on Scanning: The combination of 64bit HDRi data format and SilverFast Multi-Exposure fully taps the power of the scanner and the potential of the image original and provides an excellent data base – also for future applications. […] In terms of quality and productivity, nobody puts something across the Archive Suite. »

You can find the complete article in the current PROFIFOTO issue (#4, April 2016).

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LaserSoft Imaging at the CeBIT – Daily Demonstrations<

March 7th, 2016 · News, Photography Business, SilverFast

LaserSoft Imaging at the CeBIT – Daily Demonstrations

From March 14th to March 18th this year‘s CeBIT trade fair will take place in Hannover, Germany. Of cause, LaserSoft Imaging AG will be present for showing a wide range of applications and solutions.

As in many previous years, we will present not only hardware and software but also complete solutions for concrete problems in cooperation with our partners. We will be at the Epson booth (Hall 7, A39) to inform you about special solutions in the area of ID card creation, Medical Scanning and Cultural Heritage. For example, we will demonstrate, why the use of specialized hardware and software is necessary for printing ID cards.

Our main booth is located on the community area of​the Schleswig-Holstein booth (Hall 5, D34). Here we present the SilverFast Archive Suite and solutions for Medical Scanning and Cultural Heritage. Visit our live demonstrations and learn how to quickly create a high-quality digital archive of analog image and object originals, how to revive old photographies and learn about the secrets of image quality.

More info, free tickets and demonstration schedule.

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SilverFast 8.8 Review & Tutorial by Lon Seidman

March 3rd, 2016 · Scanner, SilverFast, Tips and Tutorials, Video

SilverFast 8.8 Review & Tutorial by Lon Seidman, Part 1

How to Scan Film Negatives Using SilverFast Software

This is the first in a series of videos Lon.TV will be doing on photo archiving, with an emphasis on bringing in old film negatives. Therefore, Lon is using a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II. He considers SilverFast as the best choice for scanning negatives. This video is a great tutorial for beginners, showing how to quickly adjust basic settings and batch scan film strips. In addition, he introduces and explains SilverFast’s dust and scratch removal tools – the infrared based iSRD as well as the new software based SRDx.

Lon.TV « This first video shows how you can efficiently scan negatives using a flatbed scanner and SilverFast software. It can be as easy as loading them up and just a few mouse clicks. But SilverFast is also very good at finding and removing dust and scratches that might be on your negatives. Removing them at the time of scan means you’ll have less to do later. Also important to note that the concepts covered here also apply universally to scanning in general. »

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Mac & i – SilverFast “Against Decomposition”

February 29th, 2016 · News, Reviews, Scanner, SilverFast

SilverFast “Against Decomposition”

Digitizing Photos, Slides and Negatives, Part 1

“Winter time is best to recover analog image treasures and to store them digitally in high quality or to make them available to others. The instruments therefore have never been more varied, sophisticated and less expensive.” (Jeremias Radke)

This article introduces different approaches for digitizing photographic material. A particularly detailed focus is put on “Scanning with SilverFast”.

Mac & i « Everyone, who needs quality scans, can hardly avoid SilverFast. Post-processing the scanned images using an additional image editing software is usually unnecessary, because SilverFast already features important editing functionality for color and brightness correction, for noise reduction, for sharpening, and for dust and scratch removal. »

However, a small inaccuracy has slipped into the article: The article states, any dust and scratch removal is always accompanied by a loss of sharpness. That is correct in relation to many common tools, but does not apply to SilverFast iSRD and SRDx. And that is exactly what is exceptional with our dust and scratch removal tools iSRD (infrared channel based) and SRDx (software based): Both do not blur the images; therefore, the basic detail sharpness remains fully intact.

The complete article (German) can be found in the current Mac & i issue (# 1/2016) or for downloading from the heise archive (as PDF for 3,29 €).


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The Luminous Landscape – PrinTao 8 Review

February 26th, 2016 · Photography Business, PrinTao 8, Printing, Reviews

Is PrinTao 8 Your Tao of Printing?

PrinTao 8 is a Mac OS X Printing Solution for Canon and Epson Large Format Printers

(please click to enlarge)

Professional and color consistent printing for Canon and Epson large format printers using PrinTao 8. From layout to printing, PrinTao’s intuitive user interface combines the most important printing functionalities. The clearly structured Start Wizard is a great help for selecting printer model, paper type and size as well as output quality with just a few mouse clicks. The Luminous Landscape, a great photographer’s knowledge resource, has released an illustrated in-depth review covering all important aspects of PrinTao 8.

Luminous Landscape « Lesson of experience: LSI has accomplished something very useful for those who would like to print painlessly without the trepidations of printer drivers and dual-sourced settings. »

« The Bottom Line – Print Quality: As pleasant a user experience that the interface is, what I like best about this application is that it makes fine prints. »

« Recommendation: This product is highly recommended for users who wish to simplify their printing experience using high quality print software and are willing to print from non-raw versions (JPEG, TIFF, PSD) of their raw files. »

Not covered by the article is PrinTao’s great Media Manager, which comfortably allows to manage and download Icc profiles for a large range of photo papers. Starting from Euro 99,- for downloading, and also including plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, PrinTao 8 runs under Mac OS X 10.7. PrinTao 8 – Printing in Perfection.

The complete review can be found here on the The Luminous Landscape website.
If you are interested to learn more, please also visit our PrinTao 8 Youtube Channel.

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25 Years LaserSoft Imaging – 25 % Discount

February 17th, 2016 · News, PrinTao 8, SilverFast

25 Years LaserSoft Imaging

Celebrate with us! 25% discount for the next 25 days

LaserSoft Imaging celebrates it‘s 25th anniverary: We appreciate your confidence in us and our software SilverFast and would like to thank you by offering a special 25% discount on all SilverFast upgrades, SilverFast full versions and IT8 targets.

Benefit from this special dicount offer within the next 25 days.

This discount also applies to our printing solution PrinTao 8 for Canon and Epson large format printers.

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SRDx – New Dust and Scratch Removal

February 3rd, 2016 · HowTo, News, Scanner, SilverFast

SRDx – New Dust and Scratch Removal – Specially suited for Epson scanners that do not have an infrared channel

A manual correction or retouching of dust, scratches and other image defects is an extremely time-consuming task. In the professional field, it sometimes can take 1-2 night shifts to optimize a single image. When it comes to removing such image defects from a mass of images, an automatic optimization tool is mandatory for reasons of effectiveness.

(please click to enlarge)

SilverFast iSRD (infrared Smart Removal of Defects) is a proven method to get respectable results in a short time through using the information of the infrared channel, which a variety of scanners have built-in. Unlike, for example, its equivalent ICE, iSRD is continuously further developed and improved.

But what, if your scanner does not feature an infrared channel? Previously, you had to time-consumingly edit manually in Photoshop or in another image editing software. And you had to be carefully doing this, because these programs often blur the images, which always results in a loss of sharpness. Therefore, you may benefit from the new SilverFast SRDx functionality, especially for the following Epson scanners, which do not feature an infrared channel:

A4 scanners: Epson Perfection V10, V100, V200, V30, V300, V33, V330, V350, V37, V370, V500, V550 und V600

A3 scanners: Epson Expression 10000XL und 11000XL

Read more about SilverFast SRDx for Epson scanners in this PDF (using the example of the Epson Expression 11000XL).

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digit! SilverFast 8.8 including new Features

January 11th, 2016 · analogue photography, Digital Photography, News, Processing, SilverFast

SilverFast 8.8 including new Features

The digit!, a German professional’s magazine for digital images, introduces the new SilverFast version

(please click to enlarge)

With its current December/ January edition, the digit! devotes an article to the newly released SilverFast software version 8.8. This article focusses particularly on the new dust and scratch removal SRDx. Attention is also paid to the new History feature and the ColorServer Edition, which greatly simplifies the processing of very large amounts of images, for example, in production environments.

digit! « The most innovative change should be the SRDx tool […] he automatic setting is able to detect image defects quickly and reliably. In addition, the premium versions Ai Studio 8.8 and HDR Studio 8.8 contain supplementary tools, which greatly simplify the editing. »

« The new ColorServer is recommended for all users who need to convert a large number of images. It provides automatic processing according to the user’s specifications. The adjustment possibilities are almost endless … »

The complete article can be found in the latest digit! magazine issue or here as a PDF file.

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