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PrinTao 8 Software Review by Vineet Suthan

August 19th, 2015 · Photography, PrinTao 8, Printing, Reviews

DUBAI | Vineet Suthan – PRINTAO 8

Professional Photographer Vineet Suthan introduces PrinTao 8 for Epson and Canon Large Format Printers

Vineet Suthan is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Dubai & Oman. His work appears in numerous publications and has won several international awards. His commercial work includes food, beauty, fashion and product photography. Vineet is always working on new ways to share his passion and knowledge with others, and he hosts photography workshops on a regular basis all over the world.

For digital imaging, Vineet is a big fan of LaserSoft Imaging software products. Recently, he has published a nice PrinTao 8 product review on his blog. PrinTao 8 is a printing solution for Epson and Canon Large Format Printers.

Vineet Suthan: « The reason why I love this product is because you can handle the interface window without ever needing a manual. Now, my prints have different shades of color, improved dynamic contrast, better aliasing and much smoother gradients. […] I can say with sincerity that I highly recommend this product and I encourage you to download a Demo Version today and try it out. »

You can read the complete product review here at

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Visitors at LaserSoft Imaging

August 12th, 2015 · News, Photography Business, SilverFast

Save Photographies for the Future

State Secretary Economic Affairs Dr. Nägele and the newspaper Kieler Nachrichten are visiting LaserSoft Imaging

Copyright: Kieler Nachrichten

KN: What has made it into the archive of a museum or a library, normally should be preserved for all times. However, humidity, light and dust often damage the archival material or even destroy it completely. The software manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging, located in Kiel, Germany, supports cultural institutions all over the world which are scanning their collections of analog image material.

For State Secretary Economic Affairs Frank Nägele the Kiel-based company has a role model character: « Karl-Heinz Zahorsky and his team show us how much potential there is in this country. […] This is the quality of the ,True North’. »

The article of the Kieler Nachrichten can be found here online (German).

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SilverFast SE Plus 8.5 – Printer Calibration

August 6th, 2015 · News, Printing, SilverFast

Available now: Printer Calibration for SilverFast SE Plus 8.5

Maximum Color Precision and Printing Quality for your Inkjet Printer!

SilverFast can create an individual profile for every printer, ink and paper combination. The Printer Calibration always brings out the maximum quality of your originals. Avoiding the high costs of expensive hardware, SilverFast’s new Printer Calibration utilizes an existing scanner as a measuring instrument.

For the release of the SilverFast SE Plus 8.5 printer solution, LaserSoft Imaging has tied up a very special introductory package. The full SilverFast SE Plus edition incl. Printer Calibration is available for only 149.00 Euro. Until end of October, each package* also contains a free Fuji Target (complying international IT8 standards, worth 59.90 Euro).

More Information on the Feature Website.

* When buying within the promotional period you will receive a high-quality 5×7″ reflective Fuji IT8 target for free (RRP 59.90). You only pay shipping costs. This target can be used for calibrating the scanner’s reflective mode.

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SilverFast 8 is Windows 10 compatible

July 30th, 2015 · News, Scanner, SilverFast

SilverFast 8 is Windows 10 compatible

On July 29th, 2015 Microsoft released the new Windows 10 operating system.

Basically, all SilverFast products which support Windows 8, will run on Windows 10 (64 bit) systems.

The compatibility of the SilverFast scanner software is also dependent on the manufacturer’s device drivers. If you already use SilverFast 8, and if the scanner manufacturer provides Windows 10 -compatible drivers for this device, then you can use your scanner with SilverFast 8 on Windows 10 (64bit) systems.

Further information as well as an up-to-date list of supported scanners you can find here …

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PrinTao 8 supports new EPSON SureColor SC-P800

July 30th, 2015 · News, OSX, PrinTao 8, Printing

PrinTao 8 will support the new EPSON SureColor SC-P800

Now available: Compact 17-Inch Wide Professional Printer with Optional Roll Paper Adapter

The SureColor SC-P800 is Epsons top model in the DIN A2 ProPhoto printers series. With its nine-color UltraChrome HD inkset and auto-switching Photo and Matte Black inks it delivers stunning print quality in an affordable easy-to-operate package. The UltraChrome HD inkset delivers black density never before seen from a pigment ink. The SC-P800 prints up to DIN A2 or 17” wide roll paper.

PrinTao 8 is ready for the new SureColor P800. PrinTao 8 – the Mac OS X printing solution that guarantees maximum print quality, while offering highly efficent handling and ease of use. PrinTao 8 takes over color management and all printer driver settings, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your images.

Right now at the time of product launch, for the SC-P800 only PrinTao 8 offers a variety of profiles for different paper manufacturers’ media. The new version PrinTao 8.0r8 also includes many new Bonjet and Ilford media packages for Epson and Canon printers.

For more information on PrinTao 8, just click here.

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SilverFast 8.5 – Optimized Features for the latest SilverFast Release

July 10th, 2015 · News, Scanner, SilverFast

Optimized Features with the latest SilverFast Release

With the release of the new SilverFast software version 8.5.0r6 there are new or improved features, which contribute to simplify the process of image archiving.

Optimized Frame Detection

The SilverFast Frame Detection has been revolutionized. All frames are now found significantly more accurate. In addition, the frame outset option ensures that no images are cropped during scanning. Store your images on your hard drive, fast and securely with your SilverFast Archive Suite 8.5.

Open the SilverFast preferences and switch to the “Auto” tab. Enter a value of 5% into the “Find Frames: Outset” text field and a safety addition of this size will be added to all frames when starting the scanning process.

High Resolution Prescan

Enable the “High Resolution Prescan” option, if you want to optimize your images right away with the scanning process. For evaluating tool effects more precisely on a larger preview, you may then zoom up to 8x times into the prescan without having to wait for another preview scan.

Open the SilverFast preferences and switch to the “General” tab. For scanning into the HDRiRAW file format, leave this value at 1x, since scanning into RAW formats grays out all the editing tools.

Individual User Interface Adjustment

The SilverFast user interface can be customized to suit personal preferences. The positioning of tool dialogs can be saved and loaded in the preferences menu.

Drag individual tool dialogs to a suitable position even to your second monitor to have a better overview and to get quick access to the most used features. You can create and save multiple user interface presets for different digitization workflow.

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Detailed Review: SilverFast & EPSON V800

June 23rd, 2015 · Reviews, Scanner, SilverFast

Extensive Test: EPSON Perfection V800 Photo and SilverFast 8

Conclusion: SilverFast 8 is able to greatly enhance image quality, thanks to Multi-Exposure and the IT8 Calibration.

ScanDig is a major European online retailer in the area of photography, color management, digital imaging software with a special focus on film scanners and accessories. Since many years, ScanDig host the website, which is well-known as one of the best information addresses for independent reviews on the web.

ScanDig has recently conducted comprehensive tests series with the Epson V800. They have examined and compared both accompanying programs SilverFast SE 8 and EpsonScan compared. Furthermore, they pointed out the advantages of a SilverFast upgrade to one of the versions SilverFast SE Plus, Ai Studio and Archive Suite.

While the simple office mode from EpsonScan is useful for scanning documents, SilverFast SE shows its true advantages when scanning film material, especially negatives. « The Epson Perfection V800 Photo image quality is fine overall using the enclosed EpsonScan and SilverFast SE 8. However, it can considerably increased thanks to the Multi-Exposure feature coming with SilverFast SE Plus 8. For those wanting to get the maximum image quality out of the scanner, we recommend a professional scanning software like SilverFast Ai Studio 8 with IT8 Color Calibration. »

You can find the complete review article here on (German).


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SilverFast 8.5 – Printer Calibration

May 28th, 2015 · News, Printing, SilverFast

Available now: New SilverFast Printer Calibration

Maximum Color Precision and Printing Quality for your Inkjet Printer!

You are using SilverFast 8 for some time, to digitize your photos, slides and film strips, for archiving your memories of the past? With the new SilverFast 8.5 Printer Calibration you are now enabled to print these memories in convincing image quality – easily at home with your inkjet printer. Your images should not be just stored on your hard drive, but inspire you and others, for example as posters at home, as a calendar in the office or as a gift for the next family celebration.

Having the new SilverFast Printer Calibration you will work just as color-accurate and brilliant like a professional. With SilverFast you can create an individual profile for each combination of printer, ink and paper. You can always rely to obtain best results, when your scanner and printer are ICC profiled. The SilverFast Printer Calibration utilizes your scanner as a measurement device, further expensive accessories are not required.

More Information on the Feature Website.


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PrinTao 8 supports new EPSON SureColor SC-P800

May 8th, 2015 · News, Photography Business, PrinTao 8, Printing

PrinTao 8 will support the new EPSON SureColor SC-P800

Soon available: Compact 17-Inch Wide Professional Printer with Optional Roll Paper Adapter

Designed for professional use, the SureColor P800 is a full 17-inch wide borderless printer with unique Epson® MicroPiezo® AMCTM printhead technology. Leveraging an all-new Epson UltraChrome® HD eight-color pigment ink set, the SureColor P800 is capable of producing the next generation of color and black-and-white prints that will inspire us all.

PrinTao 8 is ready for the new SureColor P800. PrinTao 8 – the Mac OS X printing solution that guarantees maximum print quality with an easily understandable but efficient handling. PrinTao 8 takes over color management and all printer driver settings, allowing you to concentrate solely on your images.

For more information on PrinTao 8, just click here.

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SilverFast JobMonitor – The iPhone App

April 30th, 2015 · News, Processing, SilverFast

Available now: SilverFast JobMonitor The iPhone App

Download the JobMonitor App from the App Store for free!

This App is an iOS monitor for keeping track of scanning and image processing jobs performed by main application SilverFast 8.5. The App serves as a status monitor for the SilverFast JobManager. The JobMonitor is included with SilverFast Ai Studio, HDR (Studio) and Archive Suite.

For scanning or processing large image files in SilverFast 8.5, the new JobMonitor App will comfortably display the progress of these scans or image optimization jobs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod using a Wi-Fi connection. You will find a preview image and a progress bar for every single image item enlisted on your current job queue. If a Wi-Fi connection is not available, a Push Notification will notify you once your scanner has finished its current job.

« Fantastic, having the JobMonitor App I no longer need to sit next to the scanner waiting for my high-resolution batch scanning to complete. I can devote myself to other tasks and I will automatically be notified when SilverFast has finished. I’ve been waiting a long time for exactly this feature. »

Felix Austerlitz (Photographer)


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